Does Manchester United Really Need New Players as Targeted by Solskjaer?

Does Manchester United Really Need New Players as Targeted by Solskjaer?

Signing new players for the club is always the supposedly decent solution for the poor performance of the team. Therefore it is pretty common for club bosses to target new players to sign even before the start of any transfer window. At some points, the transfer window is just needed to formally complete a transfer while the talks have been done previously. With the scheduled restart of football, competition is on course, it is important to plan for moves in the summer transfer later on. Premier League’s Manchester United is one of the giants in European football that looks forward to the transfer window with a clear reason.

So far under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United has not been able to reach its best form yet in the Premier League. Entering the break due to the global pandemic, United sits on the 5th place of the Premier League table. Chelsea is in 4th place while Wolverhampton and Sheffield are in 6th and 7th place respectively. All of them are pretty close in points that may well be interchangeable on their spots within the table. Solskjaer believed that the addition of new players for the next season will greatly help United to be better and be able to reach the top of the league.

He focuses on the midfielder to be bulked up in the summer transfer window following the end of the competition later on. He remains unconfident with the performance of the midfield so that he keeps his eyes on some of the best candidates. So far the known targets for him and Manchester United include Kai Havertz, Donny van de Beek, James Maddison, and Jack Grealish. All of those players will add to the new addition of Fred and Bruno Fernandes that have made their impacts on the team.

Unfortunately, that is not the thing that former Manchester United players think about in the same way. It is Dimitar Berbatov who thought that United has enough midfielders already without signing new players for that department. He underlined the return of Pogba to play for the team after ankle problems will add the library of midfielders of United already. It is enough to create depth in controlling the midfield with the current players without gunning for those names targeted by Solskjaer. Having too many players in the same department will never be a good thing according to Berbatov. He insisted that Solskjaer should scrap the idea to secure the signing of those midfielders.

It is interesting to see if Solskjaer and United can secure all of the targeted players. Kai Havertz is one of the leading talents in Europe at the moment. That may lead to a difficult way of bringing him to United. Chelsea is another team known to be highly interested in signing Havertz in the next summer transfer. Even Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen are also associated with Havertz as well at the moment. Well, hopefully, Solskjaer gets the players as he thought he needed and United will perform well the next season as it was years ago.

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